Battalion Executive Officer (BNXO) Cadet Major David Kiroloss (LET IV Grade: 12)

 College He Wishes to Attend: UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UC San Diego

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-12), Marksmanship (9-10), S-4 (10), Raider Team (10-11), Unarmed Drill Team (10-11), S-1 (11), XO (12), Ecology Club (10-12), American Red Cross (11-12), STEM (11-12), Key Club (11-12), Coding Club (10-12)

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Research, Reading, Working, Sleeping

The Battalion Executive Officer supervises, directs, and coordinates the Cadet Battalion Staff to prevent overlapping efforts and to ensure that the commander's desires are understood and achieved. The Cadet Battalion XO keeps the staff informed of the commander's policies and keeps the Cadet Battalion Commander informed of the status of projects assigned to the staff. 

Adjutant Officer (S-1) Cadet First Lieutenant Brandan Riley (LET III Grade: 11)

College He Wishes to Attend: El Camino, Arizona State

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-11), S-1 Assistant (10), S-1 (11)

Hobbies: Sketching, Sleeping

The Battalion Adjutant Officer is the administrative assistant to the Cadet Battalion Commander. The Adjutant Officer is responsible for maintaining the cadet records, ribbons earned, medals earned, knowing amount of cadets enrolled in the program, breakdown of ethnic groups within the program, and any other general cadet progress. The S-1 is also responsible for performing other administrative duties as assigned by the Battalion Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, or the instructor staff.

S-1 ASST. Cadet Corporal Amy Lim (LET II Grade: 10)

College She Wishes to Attend: El Camino

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), S-1 Asst (10), Dance Club (9-10), Korean Club (9-10), Math Club (9),

Hobbies: Eating, Dancing, Sleeping, Reading, Drawing

Security Officer (S-2)  Cadet Second Lieutenant James Espinosa (LET II Grade: 11)

 College He Wishes to Attend:  UCLA

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (10-11), Raider Team (10), Color Guard (11), S-2 (11) Hispanic Culture Club (10-11)

Hobbies: Running, Studying, Video Editing, Digital Art

The Battalion Security Officer assists the Cadet Battalion Commander and the instructor staff in manners pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion. 

S-2 ASST Cadet Sergeant Tanya Perez (LET III, Grade 11)

College She Wishes to Attend: UCLA

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-11), Marksmanship (9-10), Unarmed (10-11) S2 Asst (11)

Hobbies: Shopping, Listening to Music, Playing Guitar

Operations Officer (S-3)  Cadet Second Lieutenant Logan Bibbins (LET II Grade: 10)

 College He Wishes to Attend: Drexel University

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), Armed Drill Team (9-10), Honor Guard (9-10), Color Guard (9-10), S-3 (10)

Hobbies: Bowling, Eating, Drill Team Spinning

The Battalion Operations Officer assists the Cadet Battalion Commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. The S-3 is responsible for all operations and their outcomes. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of the training within the battalion.

S-3 ASST. Cadet Second Lieutenant Joshua Palmer (LET II Grade: 12)

College He Wishes to Attend: Standford University

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (11-12), S-3 Asst (12)

Hobbies: Studying, Videogames, Exercising

S-3 ASST. Cadet Second Lieutenant Austin Kim (LET II Grade 10)

College He Wishes To Attend: West Point

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), Marksmanship (9-10), Honor Guard (9-10), Armed (10), S-3 Asst (10), Korean Club (9-10)

Hobbies: Base Guitar, Reading, Videogames, Tennis

Logistics Officer (S-4) Cadet Captain Andrew Yagyu (LET III Grade: 11)

College He Wishes to Attend: El Camino

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-11), Armed Drill Team (9-10), Color Guard (10-11), Honor Guard (10-11), Raider Team (9-11), S-4 (11)

Hobbies: Sleeping, Videogames

The Battalion Logistics Officer is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn in all US government property to include battalion uniforms. The S-4 coordinates the securing of property with the S-2. 

S-4 ASST. Cadet Corporal Dave Nam (LET II Grade: 10)

College He Wishes to Attend: UCLA, USC

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), Marksmanship (9-10), S-4 Asst (10), Korean Club (9-10)

Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Watching Youtube, Videogames, Shopping

Public Affairs Officer (S-5) Cadet Second Lieutenant Natalie Lipari  (LET II Grade: 10)

College She Wishes to Attend: Cal State Dominguez Hills

Extracurricular Activities:  JROTC (9-10), Unarmed Drill Team (9-10), S-5 (10)

Hobbies: Drawing, Volunteering, Sleeping, Photography

The Battalion Public Affairs Officer acts as the contact between the corps of cadets and all news media within the community and student publications. The S-5 publicizes as many of the activities of the Army JROTC program as possible to create an outstanding image of the cadet battalion and to reinforce the image of the school. 

Technology Officer (S-6) Cadet Second Lieutenant Michael Yang (LET II Grade: 10)

College He Wishes To Attend: UC Irvine

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), Marksmanship (9), Armed Drill Team (10), S-6 (10), Korean Club (9-10)

Hobbies: Videogames, Cooking, Sleeping

The Technology Officer is responsible for all computers, school radios, and any hardware and software. The S-6 is responsible to maintain and keep accountability of all technology that the battalion has.

Maintenance Officer (S-7) Cadet Second Lieutenant Aivy Nguyen (LET II Grade: 10)

College She Wishes To Attend: UCLA, UC San Francisco, UC San Diego

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-10), S-7 (10), Korean Club (9-10)

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Taekwondo

The Maintenance Officer is responsible for the cleanliness of the Battalions facilities as well as ensuring all equipment is functioning. The S-7 is responsible for planning tear-downs for major events and setting the rules and regulations for how the Battalions facilities should look like.