The marksmanship team has been the most recent addition to special teams. The team was established in 2007 by Mr. Don Genereux and Mr. Stan Shintani. The marksmanship team have the opportunity to train with air compressed Daisy 887, Daisy 888, and t200 .177 Cal. (pneumatic) air rifles. Cadets are required to take he safety course first before they are able to engage in training for competition. They are taught how to properly and safely handle the air rifle through repetitive procedures before and after training. Since their establishment the marksmanship team has grown in numbers and have attended numerous competitions at neighboring campuses. Alongside traveling for competitions, North High JROTC hosts a marksmanship competition as well where cadets shoot at paper targets for points in order to place and receive a trophy or medal. 

Marksmanship Instructors

Our Marksmanship instructors are Mr. Don Genereux and Mr. Stan Shintani. Both are civilian volunteers who started the air-rifle marksmanship program at North back in the fall of 2007.

Mr Genereux is a retired TRW/Northrop Grumman aerospace engineer. He holds certifications from the NRA as a Level 1 Rifle Coach and Range Safety Officer, from the Civilian Marksmanship Program as a JROTC Marksmanship Instructor, and from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton as a Range Safety Officer and Officer in Charge. Since 2001, he ran the firing line for 8 JROTC air-rifle matches, authored 8 articles on the subject of high-school JROTC air-rifle shooting for the California Rifle and Pistol Association monthly newsletter, and supervised the first two Saxon Invitational air-rifle matches as the Match Director.

Mr Shintani is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Known as “Chief” to the Saxon shooters, he was certified by the US Navy as a Range Master, spent six years shooting modified M1 Garand rifles on the Navy’s high-power rifle team, and qualified Expert on both the service rifle (M16) and service pistol (M9). Together with Mr Genereux, he has coached the Saxon Battalion shooters in 2 biathlon events and 11 shoulder-to-shoulder matches, along with running the air-rifle range at summer camp, since the inception of the air-rifle marksmanship program.

Commander: Cadet Captain Logan Lintao

Co- Commander: Cadet Major David Kiroloss

Marksmanship team 2011

Marksmanship team 2011

Practices are every morning at 0600.