MISSION: To assist the North Torrance High School Junior ROTC cadets in all aspects; educational, professional and general life issues.

WHO WE ARE: The alumni network consists of individuals who strongly believe in the foundations, principles and opportunities the program instills and offers the cadets. The alumni network comprises of previous cadets, parents, cadre, instructors and volunteers of the North Torrance High School JROTC Saxon Battalion. The alumni have a vast array of experience and backgrounds. Consisting of, but not limited to: Officers and enlisted Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Registered Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Small business ownership, counseling, peace corps, just to name a few. Alumni have gone to schools such as: Loyola Marymount University (LMU), West Point, Naval Academy, Brigham Young University (BYU), UC Berkley, UC Los Angeles (UCLA), UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), UC San Diego (UCSD), UC Irvine (UCI), University of Southern California (USC), New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), San Diego State University (SDSU), Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) Cal State Northridge (CSUN), and Cal State Fullerton (CSFU). Alumni have also gone to post graduate schools.


DRILL MEETS: Alumni work in the grading room to finalize the grade sheets to determine the final scores for each team; work the snack stand, merchandise booth, information booth, and any other areas requiring assistance. Grading of the actual performances is left to those serving in the armed forces.

LEADERSHIP/SUMMER CAMP: Alumni may perform multiple tasks during these camps. Depending on the skills of the individual alumni may be paired with a specific staff member to assist in mentoring the technical/professional skills required of that position (please see cadre tab to see the breakdown of staff positions and skills required). Alumni may also be requested to teach a class; either on a professional topic such as conflict resolution, planning, or management; on an educational topic such as college applications, finding the right college for your major, financial aid etc; on a personal topic such as just figuring out what to do in life. Alumni may also perform other various tasks such as serving meals, shuttling cadets to and from locations, transporting equipment, working various stations where needed.

EDUCATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP: Alumni provide the intimate mentorship the school faculty cannot. Depending on the alumni members experience/background they will be paired with a cadet who seeks to follow in their first steps: law school, med school, various majors, college information, financial aid, opening and running a small business, resume writing etc. The opportunities in helping the cadets are endless.