February 21st, 2016

To: Parents of Cadets

If your cadet has received this letter, that means he/she is receiving a D or a F in one or more classes. We are asking for your cooperation in continuing our NHS Saxon Battalion Tutoring program. The tutoring will start 22 February 2017 until all cadets have a C average. Your son/daughter will have to attend tutoring until their grade is brought up to a C or higher. Truancy from tutoring classes will result in a Saturday school detention (Truancy may be excused by Parent).


Raul T Duran


Senior Army Instructor



*Please Return and fill Bottom Half


My son/daughter will be attending tutoring after school  Yes___  No___


If checked no why____________________________________________________


Parent Name (Print)______________

Parent Signature_________________

Parent Phone Number_____________

Cadet Name___________________

Cadet Signature_________________

*If specific days are not possible please list them and why