Battalion Commander (BC) Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Ige (LET 4 Grade: 12)

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-12), S-4 Assistant (10), S-4 (11), BC (12), Varsity Swim (9-11) 

Hobbies:  Swimming, reading, long walks at the park

College He Wishes to Attend: Cal State Long Beach

This position is the most demanding of the battalion. As the senior appointed cadet, the Battalion Commander must be able to apply common sense and judgement in the solving of problems that affect the entire cadet corps. The BC controls the staff through the Battalion Executive Officer and the companies (class periods) through the Company Commanders, while maintaing the final approval authority in the cadet chain of command.  


Battalion Cadet Command Sergeant Major (CSM) CSM Alexander Lee (LET 4 Grade: 12)

Extracurricular Activities: JROTC (9-12), S-3 Assistant (10), S-3 (11), CSM (12), Marksmanship (9-11)

Hobbies:  Hiking, camping

College He Wishes to Attend:  El Camino

The Battalion Command Sergeant Major is the principal cadet enlisted assistant to the battalion commander. As a senior enlisted member of the cadet corps, the command sergeant major supervises the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) of the battalion and company to ensure the discipline and overall structure of the battalion. 

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