February 7 , 2017

To: Parents of cadets

On March 18th, from 6PM-9PM(Dance until 11:30PM) the JROTC Saxon Battalion will be hosting our annual Military Ball (Mandatory event) at the Torrance Marriott. Cadets will show up at 6:00PM for social hour, males will be wearing modified Class A uniform with a long white sleeve dress shirt and a black bow tie instead of the normal short sleeve blue shirt. Females will be wearing either a Dress (No spaghetti straps or strapless) or Class A uniform (Unmodified). If your child is bringing a guest one person in the pair will be required to wear uniform (Female bringing a guest outside JROTC must wear uniform).Please pick up your child either at or before 11:30PM, it will be greatly appreciated if you do so.If you have any questions please refer to the Saxon Battalion website Saxonjrotc.org. If your child has not done so, he/she will need to pay an $80 attendance fee (Including food, drinks, dance) and if they are bringing a guest they will need to notify his/her leadership and pay an additional $50 for each guest.

Raul T Duran


Senior Army Instructor