Military Ball


What:  Military Ball is a formal traditional dinner and dancing event we hold each year. Our cadets practice their etiquette skills during the ceremony. Males wear their Modified Class A uniforms (long sleeve white dress shirt, black bow tie) and females wear formal ball gowns. ( Lower than knees, NO spaghetti strap, NO strapless. If dress is Strapless/Spaghetti strap, wear a shawl)

When:  Time: 

Where: Torrance Marriott Hotel / 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance CA

Who: This event is mandatory for every cadet. Cadets may bring dates outside of the program or school but must be approved ahead of time. Parents are welcome to come!

Payments: Cadets($80/$30 for cadets that went to triathlons), Guests($50)                      

     (Checks go out to North High School JROTC)